Double Side Polisher/Lapper SpeedFam double side lappers and polishers process two sides simultaneously and achieve extraordinary parallelism, flatness and roll-off. Our equipment lineup is specific for precise tolerances for thin materials such as silicon wafers and has applications in many other fields.

Fine Grinder A fine grinder provides a double side grinding process with two fixed abrasive wheels, which has advantages for metal parts and hard materials.The abrasive wheels are configured for specific part materials to realize stable and high throughput.

Single Side Polisher/Lapper SpeedFam single side lappers and polishers offer simple and reliable processes to achieve very precise flatness and surface finish tolerances efficiently and without complication.

Edge Polisher Polishing the edges of silicon wafers improves overall finish die yield.  SpeedFam has developed this process and equipment for prime silicon wafers and patterned device wafer fabrication.

Cleaner SpeedFam can react quickly to new cleaning process requests. We perform tests and demonstrations in an exclusive clean room laboratory to find and implement the most suitable cleaning system for each customer.

Edge Grinder SpeedFam's edge grinder equipment grind specific profiles to substrate edges.  Our wide range of edge grinders support various materials such as silicon, sapphire, oxides, SiC, and metal substrates. This equipment features easy operation and low maintenance.

Edge Profiler Edge Profiler is a metrology system for substrate edge areas, which performs measurement of edge and notch by a single machine. Various materials can be measured from diameter 2

Sorter/Prober A sorter picks a single chip from various diced wafers and transfers it to a chip tray.  A prober electrically tests a chip to provide analysis of the quality.  Quick and stable motions of our sorter and prober can meet your quality and productivity requirement.

DCP DCP is our numerically controlled flattening system, which enables non-contact, zero distortion processing by vapor phase chemical etching reaction of plasma. This system was specially developed to eliminate wafer damage from charge-up by applying downstream plasma.

Laser Equipment Laser equipment converges a laser beam to an object for local processing without contact. SpeedFam offers entire support from a single laser oscillator device to a total system.

Consumables With extensive process experience SpeedFam knows the characteristics of all consumable sets. SpeedFam can recommend the most suitable consumable materials based on customer requirements for efficient production and quality assurance.

More... SpeedFam continues to stay ahead of the curve for the next generation products and processes.  As needs of our customers evolve, we are prepared with new technology to meet the industry needs.

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